Our Advantages

After improving their domestic sales network, Chinese enterprises usually choose Hong Kong as an important platform for their import and export business, especially through Hong Kong's integration with international financing platforms to further expand their business into the international market. However, many enterprises often hesitate when looking forward to international import and export business because they are not familiar with new markets, and even increase the risk of credit sales due to a lack of understanding of new buyers.

As an expert in trade credit risk, Allianz Trading has a 20 year history in Asia, with headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen for the Asia Pacific region. Whether for domestic sales or Hong Kong import and export business, you can always access our corporate information at home and abroad through our one-stop China Hong Kong international trade credit insurance platform to help you select high-quality markets and customers. Our customized credit insurance scheme can also provide you with appropriate credit guarantee for your sales business at home and abroad according to your enterprise's needs for the development of China Hong Kong international trade, and help your enterprise to develop domestic and foreign markets with ease.